About Mavisten Edition

Mavisten Edition is a modern design brand based in San Francisco.

Mavisten Edition offers a range of lighting and LED bulbs that are inspired by the Golden Hour of the California sunset, to bring this warm glow into homes across the globe.

With the evolution of LED lighting, new opportunities have opened to bring this technology into the residential market. Mavisten Edition's vision is to offer innovative lighting with high style and attitude that delivers significant energy savings in environmentally-friendly packaging.

We are inspired by the irreverent surfers that tackle the massive waves at Mavericks Beach in California. They are famous for being eccentric, free-spirited and visionary. Mavisten Edition approaches the design process with this maverick mantra and believes Modern should have a soul that blends warmth and technology.


Mavisten Edition was founded in 2018 by Michael Almodova and Eric Hsieh.

Mavisten Edition founder Michael Almodova

Michael grew up with inventive influences from his dad, who was an airplane mechanic in the US Air Force, and a grandfather who worked on the Union Pacific Railroad.

His passion for lighting began at the age of 8 when his dad taught him how to wire and solder. His interest led him to an education in product design and engineering from Stanford University, which paved the way to his design career. After 20 years of industry experience, he now leads the Mavisten Edition design team, who all champion his mission for celebrating the magic of light with contemporary design. 

Eric Hsieh wears a stylish hat

Born into a family with a lighting engineer father, Eric mastered the manufacturing techniques required to make high quality lighting. His passion for design and craft guided him to establish a business in Taiwan with a factory in China.

After years of experience producing for European and Japanese markets, Eric's mantra is to weave these elements together with American ingenuity to create the magic of Mavisten Edition. His respect for the Old School is the foundation for creating innovative designs for the New Generation

Michael Almodova and Eric Hsieh back to back

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