Reinventing the Lightbulb

Reinventing the Lightbulb

The Emberline Collection transforms the LED industry 

Mavisten Edition's Emberline Collection is a series of of premium LED bulbs that are inspired by the magical glow of Golden Hour. At the heart of each bulb is a premium IC chip that allows for smooth, full range dimming without any flickering.



The design process started with a desire to capture the warmth of the setting sun in an energy-efficient bulb with a long lifespan. The design team drew references from nostalgic Edison-style bulbs as well as the embers of a fire and developed a full range of styles that are compatible with any lamp. 

By combining LED advancement with a nostalgic look, Mavisten Edition has designed a bulb collection that is warm and environmentally friendly. The Emberline LED bulb collection is for those who have an affinity for the nostalgic aesthetic and want the benefits of modern technology.

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