Historic Headquarters

Historic Headquarters

The Farnsworth Green Street Lab

The Mavisten Edition headquarters are located in the Farnsworth Green Street Lab, a historic landmark in San Francisco. 

Being located in a building with such a rich design history has helped to reinforce the company mission of seamlessly marrying modern design with nostalgic influences. The atmosphere has a big impact on the team's ideas, which translates directly into the product design.

It was in this very building that the inventor Philo Farnsworth first invented the television. On September 7, 1927, Farnsworth and his team successfully transmitted the first all-electric television image, the major breakthrough that brought the practical form of this invention to mankind. Farnsworth was only 21 years old at the time.

Flash forward to the 1960's, this historic building then became home to Lawrence Halprin, a renowned architect. Halprin, whose firm gained recognition and awards for numerous urban redevelopment projects, was one of the key architects on the Sea Ranch housing project.

Developed in the early 1960's by a group of Bay Area architects, the goal was to create an affordable neighborhood that was rich in community spirit. It was Halprin who advocated for the environmental and sustainable approach that the project is known for today. 

A residential community located in Sonoma County, Sea Ranch is celebrated as one of the best collections of modernist architecture along the West Coast.

Mavisten Edition feels a special connection to these mavericks of the past as they continue to design and develop our innovative lighting collections.

Image courtesy of thehistoryofthetv.com 

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